Release Blitz: Reminding Avery by Kaylee Ryan

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Release Blitz: Reminding Avery by Kaylee RyanReminding Avery by Kaylee Ryan
Published by Self on 08/08/17
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult & College
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Most of the guys in my town had me marked as off limits. My dating history was slim to none, until Dylan. He didn’t let labels deter him from sweeping me off my feet.

The day Avery Stanton took a chance on me is that day my life changed. Nothing else mattered but her. All I ever wanted was for her to be happy. I just wanted to love her, no matter how much distance was between us.

Dylan Knight wrecked me. He made me fall in love with him and then took it all away. Now I’m back, and I can’t deal. How do I pretend that he no longer owns my heart when all my heart does is scream his name?

Avery’s back and I know I have a fight on my hands. I remember every minute, every touch, every kiss, and every breath of our time together. Now I need to remind her.

Reminding Avery by Kaylee Ryan was a sweet story of young love and second chances. It was really the blurb that attracted me to this story. The off limits girl finds her guy, they fall in love and yet, find themselves facing separate paths, only to be reunited years later. But is it too late?

Avery Stanton is used to not dating in high school. As the little sister of the coach of the football team, she is completely off limits. She figured she would have a lot to make up for in college. Then in her senior year, Dylan Knight, the quarterback, enters her life and changes it forever.

Dylan Knight was always enthralled by Avery, but figured she would never be interested in a guy like him. He knew college was not for him. He had planned on no distractions his senior year and to enjoy being the star quarterback, but after one night with Avery, he was hooked.

This story is told over two periods of their lives. Their senior year of high school, when they find young love and after Avery returns from college. I loved Dylan; he was so sweet to Avery. She owned his heart, even when he did not make the right choices. But every choice he made, he made with her in mind. Avery was swept away by Dylan in high school, but when she returns four years later, she is determined to avoid him. He wrecked her once; she will not give him the chance to do it again.

I loved Dylan’s determination to win Avery back. Avery was very reluctant and who can blame her. I found Reminding Avery to be a quick and enjoyable read with light angst. It had likeable characters and a story that will draw you in. I loved that we got both point of views as well. This was a great mix of young love and second chances.

Avery Stanton is completely off limits to someone like Dylan Knight. He’s the quarterback of the football team. She’s the head coaches little sister. No guy in their right mind would try to date Avery because of her older brother, until one evening when Dylan knows he’s found his forever.

Avery has had a crush on Dylan for a long time. Dylan has always thought Avery was beautiful but was unsure of how to approach her, she seemed so out of his league. After finally admitting their feelings for each other, Avery and Dylan’s relationship and love for one another grows. But with graduation approaching and both having different plans, Avery and Dylan end up with nothing but heartbreak.

Four years later, Dylan and Avery are reunited after she graduates college and moves back home. Avery is still completely heartbroken and Dylan is determined to win her back.

“That’s a love so deep it never fades, Avery. Sometimes in life you have to let go of the past in order to see the future clearly.”

I love this second chance romance. Dylan and Avery’s love was so pure and beautiful and I cried like a baby when they went their separate ways. I truly enjoyed how Dylan did absolutely everything for Avery, even from afar, for four years. He always knew she was the one, and even when Avery doubted it, Dylan was there for her in ways she could never imagine.

This book was wonderful. It reminded me of my high school years…hanging out with my friends, my high school crush, just living life and having fun along with that first heartbreaking break up. I cannot say enough about Reminding Avery. It is a beautiful story of friendship, love and coming home. All of the friends and family were amazing and the epilogues were outstanding. I highly recommend this book!

Title: Reminding Avery
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: August 8, 2017


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About Kaylee Ryan

Kaylee Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. When she’s not spinning tales of happily ever after, she’s reading or spending time with family. Born and raised an Ohio girl, Kaylee resides in Cincinnati with her husband and their son.

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