Sidecar Crush, Book #2 in the Bootleg Springs Series by Lucy Score & Claire Kingsley is LIVE!

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Sidecar Crush, Book #2 in the Bootleg Springs Series by Lucy Score & Claire Kingsley is LIVE!by Claire Kingsley, Lucy Score
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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“I tried to think of something—anything—to calm my raging hard-on. One wrong move and Leah Mae would rub up against it and that was liable to kill me dead on the spot.”

Model turned disgraced reality TV starlet, Leah Mae Larkin, crash lands in her hometown of Bootleg Springs to lay low while a scandal threatens her career. She can’t shake the feeling that her agent—and supposed fiancé—manipulated her into the role of made-for-TV homewrecker. Connecting with her roots is just what she needs, and Bootleg Springs is home to her father, moonshine, and her childhood best friend, Jameson Bodine.

Only there’s nothing childlike about Jameson—a man who turns scrap metal into art and isn’t afraid to throw down on a rowdy Friday night with his brothers and hellcat sister. He might not say much, but still waters run deep. Seeing the ring on his crush’s finger? He doesn’t like it, but he can’t wish it away. No more than he can wish away the trouble his family is in, with evidence pointing to his late father in the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall.

Jameson and Leah Mae are just two friends reliving their summers together, blowing off steam, and having fun for the first time in a long time. But Leah Mae is realizing what’s really important in her life, and it isn’t what she thought.

And sometimes steam turns into sparks—hot as molten steel—and friends aren’t just friends

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, huge fan of this series! Sidecar Crush is book #2 in the Bootleg Springs series and the story of Jameson Bodine and Leah Mae.

Jameson is the sweet, quiet type who keeps to himself and just works on his art. He’s thought about his friend, Leah Mae for years once she left Bootleg Springs for good when they were just kids. But now Leah is in town and Jameson is just not sure if he can lose his heart to her once more.

Leah Mae is back to spend time with her father and brought along her fiance/manager for the trip. While LA is nothing like Bootleg Springs, the town Leah once loved to visit hasn’t changed but the people she once knew sure did. Including the one boy who had her heart when they were kids, Jameson. Except now he’s all man and has her second guessing what path she needs to travel now.

I love this series. I love Jameson and Leah. I enjoyed how Leah finally grew into her own and finally did what SHE wanted to do. But the best part of the story? Jameson, hands down. I mean, I love a good alpha like the rest of them but Jameson was different. It was heartwarming to read a story about a truly nice guy who was just the most perfect gentleman, and I couldn’t get enough. I loved seeing the entire family fight yet stick together through everything handed to them and I cannot wait to find out exactly what happened to Callie Kendall!

Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley have truly taken the world of Bootleg Springs and put us all right there in the story with the Bodine family! Bring on book #3!



Posted May 11, 2018 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz, Reviews by Kim / 0 Comments


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