Review: Rewrite by Stephanie Rose

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Review: Rewrite by Stephanie RoseRewrite by Stephanie Rose
Published by Self on 10/19/2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Once upon a time, a girl loved a boy and he loved her back. They lived happily ever after.

But our story was never that simple.

I loved Josh with all I had, right until the day he left. Now, all these years later, he was back—and wanting me the way I’d always longed for him. Except now, I belonged to someone else. Someone who never left me the way Josh had. I figured that was the end of our story. I couldn’t alter the past.

I didn’t want to rewrite my future.

Brianna was always more than my best friend. She was the shining light in my black hole of an existence, and I loved her with every cell and bone in my body. I wasn’t good enough for her, though—more the villain than the hero in our fairy tale. When I had to leave, I vowed to come back a better man—for her. But when I finally did return, she wasn’t waiting for me anymore. She had someone new, her very own Prince Charming. Did that mean our story was over? I couldn't change our past.

It was time to rewrite our ending.

Title: Rewrite
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2017 

I have been devouring second chance romances like I need them for my next breath. There is just something about finding your second chance with the person you are meant to be with after struggles and heartbreak. Rewrite from Stephanie Rose is a second chance romance that will tug at your heart. It was sweet, heartbreaking and had all the feels.

Brianna and Josh have been best friends since they met in kindergarten. Inseparable since then, they built a strong friendship that turned to more. However, neither was ready to admit what they were feeling, so they kept their feelings hidden as best they could. But as they grew older, Josh faced responsibilities no teenager should and made choices he would come to regret and would put years between them.

Brianna loved Josh so much that when he began distancing himself from her, she was left heartbroken. But she never wavered from being there for him. Above everything else, he was her best friend. When he leaves, she is devastated and though she does not want to let him go, eventually she had to move forward.

Josh loved Brianna so much, but he always felt he was not good enough for her. When he had to step up and be responsible for his father and himself, he found himself drowning. With very little options, he fell into a bad crowd. Left with no choice, he left to become a better man, but a piece of his heart was left behind. He returns nearly ten years later and he wants her back. But this time, she belongs to someone else.

I must admit I was frustrated with both Brianna and Josh at times, however, I could totally understand why they made the choices they did. Brianna was sweet, loving, caring, but was weary of letting Josh in again as more than a friend, but even she could not deny what she felt. Josh realized his mistakes after he left and pushed her away, but he is back a better man and wants to prove to her he is the one for her. He was strong, caring and protective.

Josh is back and wants Brianna to see he has changed. But she is dating someone else. Can he show her they are meant to be together before it’s too late? But Brianna is afraid to let Josh in. The first time he left nearly broke her, she is not sure she could survive losing him again. Plus, there is a man who has been there for her when Josh wasn’t. What is the right choice? Can Josh and Brianna rewrite their ending? What happens when an unexpected past comes back to haunt them?

Rewrite by Stephanie Rose was heartbreaking and heartwarming. Josh and Brianna were always meant to be together, but circumstances led them down different paths. Could they find a way back to each other or was it too late? A great story with likeable characters!

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“This place is amazing, Josh.”
My chest swelled with pride as Brianna’s widened eyes darted around the shop. Maybe it
wasn’t really my place, but Uncle
Billy trusted me enough to run it on my own. I hired the employees, handled the
books, and met with customers. He depended on me instead of waiting for me to
fuck up. The local troublemaker came back and made good, but that wasn’t such
an easy sell for everyone. Good thing I didn’t give a shit about everyone. The
only opinion that ever mattered stood in front of me, beaming with pride.
My mouth
split in a wide grin. “Thanks. It’s getting there. Hoping things pick up a
little after the holidays. No one wants a new bike when there’s an inch of ice
on the ground.” I laughed until Brianna’s face fell.
“Can I ask you something?” She slid into the chair in my office as her lips pursed.
“Of course.” I leaned my hip against the edge of my desk and crossed my arms.
“What’s up, Cupcake?”
“Did . . .did you really have a new client in Manhattan last week, when you drove me to
I took in a
deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Why would you ask that?”
“Scott and I—”
She shook her head and waved her hand. “It’s nothing. Don’t mind me.”
“No.” I nudged her ankle with my foot. “Let me guess. Scott isn’t too happy about me
hanging around so much.” I raised an eyebrow.
Brianna reluctantly nodded. “It’s a guy thing, I guess.” She chuckled to herself. “They
get territorial if someone else tries to play with their toys.” She laughed
until she realized what she said and then covered her mouth with her eyes huge.
She was so fucking cute I couldn’t stand it. “I didn’t mean play, I meant . . .” She dropped her
head into her hands, and I couldn’t hold in a laugh anymore.
Bri. I’m dying to know.” I peeled her fingers away from her face and crouched
in front of her. “What did you mean? Scott thinks I want to play with you? Don’t tell him about the
GI Joe and Barbie castle we made when we were kids. He’ll flip the fuck out.”
Her cheeks flushed as she nudged my shoulder.
I caught her hand and held it in both of mine. As our gazes locked, laughter stopped.
There was no way in hell what I was feeling was only one-sided. I doubted it
ever was.
We didn’t
talk about it, but I remembered every moment of that night at my apartment.
Brianna rushing over to take care of me, the tortured look on her face when I
asked her to get into bed with me. It wasn’t my finest hour, but I needed her.
My soul cried out for her that night and she came, like she always did. She may
have ignored my wimpy confession, but when she said she loved me, I knew she
didn’t mean as only her best friend.
Brianna pleaded on a whisper. “Don’t, please.”
please what, Bri?” Feeling brazen, I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and
cupped her cheek. I ran my thumb along the delicate curve of her jaw. Her eyes
fluttered, urging me on. “Don’t touch you?” I let my finger drift over her full
bottom lip. “Don’t kiss you?” I whispered with a husky rasp. Our faces were so
close, our lips brushed. Brianna’s mouth parted, and I uttered a curse under my
breath. We were so damn close. All we had to do was close that distance. Her
hand drifted up my shoulder and clutched the back of my neck.
Brianna sighed as she rested her forehead against mine. “We . . . We can’t.”
Her hand drifted down my jaw. Her hooded eyes and flushed cheeks disagreed with
the words sputtering from her mouth. I caught her hand and pressed a soft kiss
to her palm. It trembled as she took in a quick gasp.

“Yes, we can, Bri,” I whispered as I leaned in. “You’re so damn beautiful.” Shit, I almost tasted her. She stilled as I cupped her neck and inched closer.



About Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose is a bad@ss New Yorker, a wife, a mother, and lover of all things chocolate. Most days you’ll find her trying to avoid standing on discarded LEGO or deciding which book to read next.

Her debut novel, Always You, released in 2015 and since then she’s written several more—some of which will never see completion—and has ideas for hundreds to come.

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