Review: Mechanics With Benefits

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Review: Mechanics With BenefitsMechanic with Benefits by Mickey Miller
Series: Blackwell After Dark
Published by Self on 07/21/2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
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How to find a wedding date at the last second:
1) Overheat your rent-a-car on your cross country road trip
2) Make sure it’s storming
3) Have a one night stand with the sexiest mechanic you’ve ever seen
Liam is the perfect rebound to bring to my sister’s wedding.
And with my car still on the fritz, it can’t hurt to have a sexy mechanic along for the ride, right?
I’m not looking for anything serious. Not after my last horrible breakup.
Besides, Liam is such a cocky jerk. I can barely stand listening to him. Although I love looking at his handsome face and ripped, gorgeous body.
The man works well with his hands, and he’s great at running his mouth, too.
I can’t trust this arrogant mechanic. But maybe I’ll let him have another ride.

I’m a F*cking asshole and I know it.
And you know what? I don’t give a sh*t.
But one look at Haley turns me into a steel rod.
She wants me along for the ride. Luckily, I’m always up for an adventure.
I’ll say whatever she wants to her family if it means I get another night tasting that sweet honey nectar of hers.
There’s just one problem. Our fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.
I want to bring Haley back to Blackwell with me.
Now I just have to convince her...

Mickey Miller’s Blackwell After Dark series so far has been hot, steamy and full of fun and sexy scenes with over the top dominant alpha men. And Mechanic with Benefits is no exception. I loved Liam and Haley.

We are back in Blackwell when Haley, who is heading to her sister’s wedding, finds herself stranded when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere USA. With no other option, she heads back to the small town she just passed to get help. What she does not expect is the rude and arrogant mechanic who refuses to help her.

Liam Blackwell is bitter, stubborn, arrogant and a complete jerk. Years ago, he had his heart broken by the woman he thought he loved and his life took a spiral that nearly destroyed him. Now he stays as far away from relationships as he can, especially from city girls who would never want a small-town man. I loved Liam. He was so tough on the outside, but he could also be very protective, sexy and charming, in his way, when he wanted too.

Haley is trying to get over the horrible breakup she just endured. The last thing she wants is to get into anything serious. But after her one-night stand with the sexy, arrogant and cocky mechanic, she decides he is just what she needs as a fun rebound to get through her sister’s wedding. I liked Haley. She was insecure and a bit lost, but during her time with Liam, she allowed herself to be free and have fun.

At first it seemed like a great idea. Bring Liam as her fake boyfriend to get through the wedding and show everyone she is okay. But what neither of them expected was their strong and intense connection to grow and develop into something neither desired. They thought they could enjoy each other, have fun and then go their separate ways, but can they deny what is happening between them?

This is a steamy read that is sexy and full of humor. But it also had a twist you do not see coming and suddenly this fake relationship is feeling all too real. But can Liam and Haley admit to each other what is happening or will it be too late for them?

I loved the interaction between Haley and Liam. They were at once hot and steamy, but also fun and light. They were good together. Their chemistry was insane and you felt it throughout the story. This is an instant-attraction story, but it was also fun to read. Liam was over the top sexy, cocky and dominant, but you could no help but love him. There was some angst, but overall a fun story to read.


Posted July 22, 2017 by sultrysirens in Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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