Puckboy by Mickey Miller Review

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Puckboy by Mickey Miller ReviewPuckboy by Mickey Miller
Published by Self on 04/01/2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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What do you say when you wake up next to hockey's biggest playboy with a ring on your finger?

The first time I met Dustin LeBlanc, I wanted to slap him. Young, rich, handsome, and talking smack about my profession, he was the walking stereotype of a speak-before-I-think hockey player.
The second time I ran into him, I was sad and he made me smile.
The third time, we got hitched.
His proposal took me by surprise, to say the least. But Dustin needed a marriage to save his image. As a bonus, it would put an end to my visa issues.
Thing is, now we've got to play like we're truly married and in love. Turns out there's this thing called marriage fraud and it can land you up to five years in prison if they catch you.
We'll have no problem faking our way through this relationship, right?
Except every day we spend together, the more real our connection seems.
If only it wasn't for those pesky skeletons hanging out in both of our closets.
And the twist that neither of us could have imagined coming.

Liz's Review

Puckboy by Mickey Miller was such a fun read! Full of witty banter, great characters and so many laughs, I truly enjoyed reading this book. When Dustin needs to change his image fast, what is a guy to do? Caterina fears being deported as her visa is nearing its end. So why not get married and help each other, right? What can possibly go wrong?

Dustin and Caterina have amazing chemistry and will draw you in from the start. You know things are never as easy as you imagine, so seeing them maneuver a fake marriage while dealing with very real desire is not easy! When they need to prove their marriage is, indeed, real, can they truly fake it? As they spend more time together and get to know each other, the more they fall. This was a great read that had me laughing and giving me all the best feels!


Posted April 1, 2019 by sultrysirens in Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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