Surprise Book Release! The Wrong Husband by Maya Alden

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Surprise Book Release! The Wrong Husband by Maya AldenThe Wrong Husband by Maya Alden
Published by Self on 6/23/24
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Her Sister's Ex = Her New Husband = A Complete Disaster!

When Damian Archer finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him, he devises a cunning revenge plan: seduce and marry her unsuspecting sister, Emilia, the Invisible Miss Winters.

Emilia has always secretly liked Damian, so when he turns on the charm in Las Vegas, she's easily swept off her feet. By the end of the night, they are married and have spent the night together. She thinks Damian married her in a drunken haze and offers an annulment. But when their Vegas wedding hits the gossip sites, Damian suggests staying married for a while to avoid a PR mess.

At first, Damian ignores Emilia, but his sweet and artistic wife slowly works her way into his heart. Emilia starts to believe in fairy tales, only to find out Damian married her to hurt her sister.

Heartbroken, Emilia wants nothing to do with her wrong husband, regardless of the media fallout. But Damian has finally discovered what it means to be truly in love, and he's not going to lose his wife, not when she holds his heart

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Liz's Review

I have only recently discovered Maya Alden and already, I am obsessed with reading all her books. I am all about the drama, angst, and emotional stories she gives us. They literally captivate me from start to finish. And she definitely brought it with The Wrong Husband. This was a revenge romance with a marriage of convenience with sister’s boyfriend and all the other woman drama with age-gap and grovel. I devoured it in one sitting.

Damian has just found out his girlfriend has been cheating on him. This is not a spoiler, it’s in the blurb. So, what does the man decide to do? Marry her sister of course. Seriously. That was his first response. He is a man who acts first and thinks later. He is normally reserved, determined and used to getting his way. I literally felt my heart break for Emilia. The invisible sister. The one no one saw. But what they did not see is how strong she was. How kind, caring and sweet she was. I absolutely loved her so much.

I could not stop reading as soon as I started. Damian did not care about Emilia at the start. All he wanted was his revenge. Emilia on the other hand, always had feelings for Damian, but could never have him, right? And suddenly he is putting on the charm and they are married. But nothing has changed. She is still the invisible one. But as they begin to truly spend time together, she begins to truly see Emilia. But no one wants them together, especially not her sister. Has it ended before it even began? I loved this book and the characters so much. I highly recommend it!


The Wrong Husband by Maya Alden is now live


Posted June 23, 2024 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz / 0 Comments