Best of Me by Maya Alden

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Best of Me by Maya AldenBest of Me by Maya Alden
Series: Savannah's Best
Published by Self on 05/09/24
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Gabriel Rhodes
My family's roots run deep and my responsibilities are clear. My family and Rhodes Hotels, my family business. As a father first, I've always put my daughter above everything, living in a carefully maintained world close to my ex-wife, ensuring peace.

I never expected to fall in love again and find the kind of passion I did with Aurora. I thought it would be easy, but when I introduced her to my daughter, it shattered the delicate balance of my life, forcing me to make regrettable choices that hurt the only woman I ever loved.

Aurora Turner
I have lived my whole life not being important to anyone, not my parents, not the aunt who I was the caretaker of and definitely not my first boyfriend who didn't deliver on his promise of commitment. Meeting Gabriel was unexpected, a whirlwind that promised a sense of belonging I've always craved.

As an architect, I'm used to creating spaces where people feel at home, yet finding my own place in Gabriel's world proves to be my biggest challenge. His dedication to his daughter is admirable and I love that about him but when it becomes clear that I will end up coming between his daughter, who wants her parents to get back together, and Gabriel, I'm forced to walk away and break my heart.

I have not even started to heal from the wound he delivered, when Gabriel comes back. He says he still loves me and knows that I feel the same way. But how can I believe that we won't end up exactly where we did the last time?

Best Of Me is a billionaire single-father, second chance, found-family romance with a meddling ex-wife, enough angst to require a box of tissues and plenty of steam that may make a fan necessary. It is a complete standalone.

Liz's Review

Maya Alden is a newer to me author I recently discovered and am loving her books. Best of Me is a single dad, second chance romance with over-the-top other woman drama and I was all here for it. I devoured this book. Gabriel Rhodes and Aurora Turner had an undeniable chemistry and connection from the moment they met. They spend an entire year together, however, that time was not easy. Gabriel is a single father who has been divorced for about 4 years, however, wanting to make his daughter’s life, Sofia, easier, instead all he did was confuse her and his ex-wife. Aurora loved Gabriel very much and appreciated how devoted he was to his daughter, however, coming second to not only his daughter’s antics, but those of his ex-wife became too much. She deserved better, right?

I liked Gabriel very much. He truly loved Aurora. He was devoted, determined and protective, however, he could be very easily manipulated as well. Aurora had dealt with a lot of trauma growing up and with abandonment issues and even so, loves with her whole heart. She loves Gabriel, but knew he was not making her any kind of priority in his life. When something happens, Gabriel walks away from Aurora while breaking her heart. What happens when he discovers the truth and realizes she is the love of his life and cannot live without her?

The other woman drama in this one was crazy. Gabriel’s ex-wife felt she was owed a place in his life and his actions at times did nothing to deter her. I could not stop reading to see who it would all end. Such a great read with all the angst, emotional and captivating.


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Posted May 10, 2024 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz / 0 Comments