Review: Boss with Benefits by Mickey Miller

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Review: Boss with Benefits by Mickey MillerBoss with Benefits by Mickey Miller
Series: Blackwell After Dark
Published by Self on 10/20/2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
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What if every fantasy you wrote about your boss came true?

Sebastian Blackwell isn't only the sexiest man I've ever met.
He's also my boss. The way our every interaction is laced with with sexual energy makes my already difficult job that much harder.

He turns me on so much, I constantly fantasize about him. To the point where I find myself writing at work about what would happen if we had an affair.

It's not a big deal, I swear. This is meant to stay at the purely fantasy level.
Until he finds it.
The cocky bastard sees every word I wrote.
He keeps calling me into his office. Toying with me.

Every single fantasy I write about in my book... Sebastian makes come true.
This is supposed to be a purely 'with benefits' situation.
But this story has an ending even I didn't see coming.

The Third STANDALONE book in the Blackwell After Dark Series

Boss with Benefits by Mickey Miller is the third book in his standalone Blackwell After Dark series. This tells the story of Sebastian Blackwell, of the founding family in Blackwell, and Brett Blue. This story was steamy and sexy. The sparks were flying right off the pages!

Brett Blue is sweet, looks innocent but can be very, very dirty. Her life has not been easy. She grew up in a loving and caring family, but when her father passed away, they had money struggles. But she was determined to make it through. When Blackwell’s richest and hottest bachelor turns up at her door with an offer to buy her family’s land, she tells him off and shuts the door on his face. She decides it’s time for a change.

Sebastian Blackwell is Blackwell’s self-made millionaire. He is cocky, determined, and a complete alpha-male. He has worked hard for the things he has and has no regrets. He may be a cocky bastard, but he is also determined to give back to the town where he grew up. He is surprised when Brett turns down his offer, but he loves her attitude and determination. So what does he do? He hires her to work in his company.

Brett and Sebastian have a lot of chemistry. They feel it every time they interact in the office, but he is the boss and she is an employee. But a girl can fantasize, right? But what happens when he figures out her fantasies and wants to make them come true? Can they have a “benefits only” relationship and keep it a secret?

I loved Brett and Sebastian. They were so hot and steamy together. They fell and fell hard for each other, but tried to keep things light and easy, but the more time the spent together, the more they realized what they felt was changing. But can they be honest with themselves and each other?

Boss with Benefits by Mickey Miller is a hot and steamy story with a touch of the forbidden and lots of sexy times! Their chemistry is strong and I love their interactions. Loved being back in Blackwell and cannot wait to see what other stories we get from this town!


Posted October 20, 2017 by sultrysirens in Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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