My Husband’s Ex by Rosie Walker

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My Husband’s Ex by Rosie WalkerMy Husband's Ex by Rosie Walker
Published by Bookouture on May 3, 2024
Genres: Psychological Thriller
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"Thank you for inviting me,’ says the woman at the door. I’ve never seen her before, but she pushes past me and throws her arms around my husband’s neck. I’m frozen in shock. Who is she?

When I hear her name, the world begins to spin around me. Alice – my husband’s ex. The one who broke his heart. <b<But my husband swears he didn’t ask her to join us in our remote cottage in the Highlands, so why is she here?

One of them is lying to me. Shivers run up my spine as I think about my two little blonde-haired daughters who are excitedly exploring the house upstairs. They’re just eight and six, have I brought them somewhere dangerous? My skin prickles when I remember the cold look Alice threw my way and how she walked into this house as if she belonged here.

But before I can confront Alice, a huge storm hits and our power goes out. I’m down in the basement trying to fix it when I hear the lock click. I’m trapped. I scream to be let out, but Alice whispers through the keyhole: ‘No.’

My heart thuds hard against my ribcage, but I have to stay calm. Because I know something Alice doesn’t. She has no idea who she’s dealing with and she doesn’t know what I’ve done to keep my family safe.

After all this time, I won’t let her take what’s mine…

This unbelievably gripping psychological thriller will keep you speeding through the pages, with your heart racing, until you reach the final jaw-dropping twist. If you absolutely loved Gone Girl, The Housemaid or The Perfect Marriage, you will be utterly hooked!

Liz's Review

My Husband’s Ex by Rosie Walker is a psychological thriller with unexpected twists and turns at every turn of the page. Sadie wants to work on her marriage and decides a family holiday vacation is just what they need. What she never expected was her husband’s ex and her daughter. Now there is a storm and they are stuck. All of them. Together. Now secrets and lies are being unearthed. Who can Sadie trust? Ted, her husband. Alice, the ex? And what secrets is Sadie hiding? I could not stop turning the pages until the very unexpected ending! This was my first book by this author, but definitely not my last.



Author Bio:
Rosie Walker writes psychological thrillers about mysteries, secrets, lies, and strange people. Rosie was born in North Yorkshire and has lived in Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Birmingham, Ohio and Texas, and has yet to live in a house with a secret passageway, hidden basement or a long-forgotten sealed-up room, but still holds out hope. She now lives in Edinburgh with her husband Kevin, their daughter Elsie and their Cypriot rescue dog, Bella. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and a degree in Psychology.

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Posted May 5, 2024 by sultrysirens in Blog Tour / 0 Comments