Review: Dirty Trick by Mickey Miller

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Review: Dirty Trick by Mickey MillerDirty Trick by Mickey Miller
Published by Self on 02/09/2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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I've always been the good girl.

Until one night in Tijuana.

When the most gorgeous man in the bar struck up a conversation with me.

He was so damn cocky, I decided to play a trick on him. So I made up a fake name.

It was innocent, even if he was sinful.

I didn't ever think four hours later he would be moaning my fake name.


She was the sexiest girl I’d ever met. Her curves captivated me, her smile hypnotized me, and she blew my mind in bed.

But I didn’t expect to wake up alone the next morning.

After it was over, I searched high and low for any trace of her. But she was gone.

She ghosted me. She didn’t even give me her real name.

When she finally turned up, it was in the last place I expected.

We had to fake being a couple to complete my mission.

In the shady underworld of drug lords and mafiosos, every day is a battle with life or death.

How am I supposed to take down the world’s biggest drug lord with the sexiest distraction in the world tempting me every night?

Dirty Trick is a romantic suspense with a HEA, off the charts steamy scenes, and crazy twists and turns!

Dirty Trick by Micky Miller was a nice surprise. He has given us so many different types of stories, but this time around he gives a very sexy story with strong main characters in a romantic suspense story. I was captivated by this story from start to finish.

Eva has always been the good girl, but even so, she was so strong and determined. I loved that she was such a strong female character and a woman on a mission. Corbin was such a cocky man, but he was also very protective.  As an ex-con, when he was offered to help the DEA he took the chance.

Eva and Corbin share one very sexy and steamy night together, but Eva leaves before morning. Now they are working together to bring down a dangerous cartel. Can they find a way to work together when there is so much chemistry and attraction between them?

I loved Eva and Corbin. They were so hot together and their chemistry dripped off the pages. Add in the suspense and we have another great story from Micky Miller.


Posted February 9, 2018 by sultrysirens in Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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