Release Blitz: Surrender My Heart by L.G. O’Connor

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Release Blitz: Surrender My Heart by L.G. O’ConnorPublished by Collins-Young Publishing LLC Genres: Contemporary Romance
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For decades, Katherine "Kitty" McNally has secretly loved John Henshaw, the man lying shot and unconscious in the hospital bed next to her. Then again, maybe not so secretly. Those closest to her, including her soon-to-be ex-husband, have suspected it for years. Their story ended with a gunshot wound the last time, too. Life seems to have taken her full circle, but only the dead know the secrets she still keeps.

Detective John Henshaw fell in love with his "Kat" the moment she became his geometry tutor in high school. When they graduated, he thought their future was sealed. Wrong. Enter life's nonstop curveballs. The worst two moments of his life were the two times he lost Kat. After thirty-five years and one failed marriage trying to forget her, he can't escape the fact that he's never stopped loving her. Maybe it's just his ego, but he could swear he sees a spark of love in her eyes every time she looks at him. That's what keeps him in the New Jersey town that holds his most painful memories. That's why he accepted his place decades ago as a family friend to the McNally sisters.

As John recovers from his hospital stay in Kitty's care, they slowly rediscover each other. This is Kitty's last chance to confront her past and rekindle their love--if John can forgive her once he learns the truth.

I’m a sucker for a second chance romance and LG O’Connor delivered with Surrender My Heart, the story of John and Kitty.

With so many obstacles in John and Kitty’s younger years, it seems their lives are just all about bad timing. Although it seems that everyone has secrets in this story, until those secrets come to light, no one can fully move on. I absolutely loved how this story shows that true love will find away and that two people can be together even after so many years apart.

Surrender My Heart was an absolutely wonderful book about an amazing journey of love.


Posted March 15, 2018 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz, Reviews by Kim / 1 Comment


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