Arrange Me by Katy Regnery Release & Review

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Arrange Me by Katy Regnery Release & ReviewArrange Me by Katy Regnery
Published by Self on 03/04/2019
Genres: Romantic Comedy
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My name is Courtney Jane Salinger...
and I'm sick of games.

Sick of the Friday night bar-scene-cum-meat-market.
Sick of the boy-girl, man-woman, mars-venus, flirtation-without-expectation, game-playing nonsense.
Sick of awful dates and one-night stands, booty calls and guys who don’t call back, mixed messages or NO messages and—and—and...I'm sick of all of it.

I’m done.
I just can't do it anymore.
It's too hard, and worse: little by little, it's making me hard.
It's breaking my heart.

What DO I want?
That's easy.

I want a house in suburbia with a white picket fence.
I want babies to buckle into a minivan.
But most of all, I want to be married.
I want a husband.

So I've made an important decision: I'm making my escape from the dating world and the single life.
I've filled out my application on and I'm putting my fate into the hands of experts.

Is it a little scary?
I mean, I have no idea who I'll end up with. After all, I'm planning to marry a complete stranger.

But between you and me?
I can't wait.
Being arranged can't possibly be worse than being single.
Can it?

Arrange Me by Katy Regnery

Liz's Review

As soon as I read the blurb for Arrange Me by Katy Regnery I knew I wanted to read it. A woman tired of the dating game is ready for her happily ever after. So, what does she do? Sign up for an arranged marriage through a website. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Courtney wants her happily-ever-after. She wants the husband, the white picket fence, and the children. But the dating scene is one huge disappointment. Ready to make that final step to reach her dreams, she contacts an arranged marriage website. But at the same time, a man she has known for a while starts to show interest, but can he give her what she truly wants?

The concept for Arrange Me by Katy Regnery was interesting. This is a duet, so the story is not quite done yet and I am excited to see what come next!

Arrange Me by Katy Regnery


About Katy Regnery

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Regnery has a heart for smart romance featuring strong women and decent men. Almost exclusively self-published, Katy claims authorship of almost 50 titles, including three RITA® finalists. Translated into French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish, Katy has sold over two million books worldwide.

Posted March 4, 2019 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz, Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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