The Gathering by L.A. Fiore Cover Reveal

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The Gathering CR

Gathering full

The Gathering CR-2

Title: The Gathering

Author: L.A. Fiore

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Thriller

Release Date: September 14, 2018

Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens, The Illustrated Author

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Words like unnatural and impure started the whispers.

From the very beginning, Ivy Blackwood was different. She was only a child when she was accused of setting the fire, one she passively watched engulf the small house she had called home. Her fingertips burned and her hair singed. Some who watched her crossed themselves, convinced she was soulless for she showed no emotion at all. Calm and dispassionate, even when the screaming started that quickly turned to bellows of agony before dying into nothing but the roaring of the fire.

She was locked away where she couldn’t bring harm to herself or others. To all involved, they had protected the world from a monster, but sometimes things are not what they seem.


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LA Fiore is a hybrid author of thirteen novels. She believes in a happily ever after, but she likes to make her readers work for it. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found in the garden or hanging on the deck with her family and friends. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids and their four fur babies.

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Posted July 13, 2018 by sultrysirens in Cover Reveal / 0 Comments


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