Release Blitz & Review: Mr. All Wrong by R.C. Stephens

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Release Blitz & Review: Mr. All Wrong by R.C. StephensMr. All Wrong by R.C. Stephens
Published by Self on 12/04/2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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The first time I met Evie Harper, she threw a cream pie at my face. I actually hadn’t met her, just saw her. It was more like she hated everything I stood for and showed me her opinion with an airborne cream pie. Yes, she smacked me front and center on my face. The second time I saw Evie, I didn’t realize she was the cream-pie-throwing bandit, and she took my breath away in a flowing red gown at a gala.

Of course I couldn’t resist her looks, so I asked her to dance. She called me a schmuck and stalked off.

My own Cinderella ran away from me. I shouldn’t have chased her down. We were all wrong for each other. But her fire red hair and feisty personality reeled me in, and I was hooked. Chicago’s most renowned playboy was finally falling head over loafers. At least it felt that way because she was like no other woman I’d met before . . . Evie was special . . .

Problem was I had trust issues when it came to women. Freud would’ve probably said it was my mother’s doing. Somehow Evie made me believe in her . . . trust her . . .

Big damn mistake!

One I hope I won’t live to regret . . .
But then again how could someone so wrong for me turn out to be so damn perfect?

Title: Mr. All Wrong
Author: RC Stephens
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: December 4, 2017

 I loved Mr. All Wrong by R.C. Stephens!  It was such a charming book! It was a bit angsty, funny and sexy. The story and characters will pull you right in.

I loved Evie Harper. She was a strong heroine who was independent and feisty! I loved that about her. She is a school teacher and loves her life simple and uncomplicated.

As the governor of Illinois, Colton Matis is a man who knows what power is. He is confident and sexy. But he also hides so much. He wants to walk down one path, but his father has a different path in mind.

I loved Colton and Evie. The sparks are their between them from the start. She throws a pie in his face. He chases her. But there are so many obstacles in their way. Mainly his father, who wants him to continue down a politician path and does not want Evie anywhere near his son’s life. Can Colton and Evie find a way to let love in or will they walk away from all they can have?

Colton and Evie faced so much together. I cheered for them and loved their story. It was sexy and emotional and had me wanting to find out how it all would end. I really enjoyed reading Mr. All Wrong by R.C. Stephens.



About R.C. Stephens

R.C. Stephens is a top 100 Amazon best selling author. She has written over thirteen romance novels and plans to continue to write many more.

When she isn’t in her writing cave she is raising three lovely children with her adoring husband.

Her books are filled with humor, heartbreak, emotion and true love.

Born and raised in Toronto, she loves the winter, but Spring and Fall are her favorite seasons.

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Posted December 4, 2017 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz, Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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