A Love Like That by Jenna Hartley Release & Reivew

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A Love Like That by Jenna Hartley Release & ReivewA Love Like That by Jenna Hartley
Series: Alondra Valley
Published by Self on 12/02/22
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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After my wife died, I never expected to fall in love again, let alone with her much younger sister.

Elle's too young for me, though.

Too vibrant and cheerful to be saddled with a grumpy widower and two little kids.

Besides, she's only here for a few months before she moves on to follow her dreams.

And there's no way we could be together even if she were staying.

It doesn't seem to matter how often I remind myself of all the reasons why we can't, or shouldn't be together, my body won't listen.

Ever since Elle moved in, all I can think about is her. All I want is her.

She restored order to my home. She got my kids to smile and laugh again. Even I'm smiling more.

For the first time since my wife's death, I feel alive, hopeful.

I already said goodbye to my childhood sweetheart, my wife, and the mother of my children.

And I know I have to let Elle go; I'm just not sure if I can.

Release Date: December 2
Liz's Review

I knew I wanted to read A Love Like That by Jenna Hartley as soon as I read the blurb and I am so glad I did. I have read several books by this author and loved them. Just like this one. Though this is book three in the Alondra Valley series, it can be read as a standalone. I did and enjoyed it and did not feel lost. This was a second chance at love, age-gap, single-dad romance with a twist. Tristan had his happily ever after. The wife, the kids, the house. He was happy. Then he lost his wife and he was having a hard time finding his new normal. When his sister-in-law, Elle, is back in town, he is happy to have her help him. What he never saw coming was how good she was not only for his kids but himself as well.

I absolutely loved Tristan. He was strong, determined, caring and protective, but after the death of his wife, he was a bit lost and broken. His children, Savannah and Maddox, were what kept him going. Elle left home and never wanted to look back. She loved her sister and her family, but her own relationship with her parents left a lot to be desired. She always felt she lived behind her sister’s shadow. She never saw how strong, beautiful, and amazing she was. But for Tristan and the kids, she would put everything else aside and be there for them. I loved her relationship with the kids. As Tristan and Elle spent time together, lines begin to blur and they found comfort and a strong connection in each other. But what would others think?

This was a forbidden romance and emotional and angst-filled, but it was also about grief, loss and second chances. It was about learning to let go and finding hope. I loved watching them fall and grow together and how they always put the kids first. But Elle had her life planned out and it did not include staying in town, right? Tristan was older, had the kids, was too rooted, right? Could they ever truly be together? I absolutely loved the characters, their journey, and this story so much.

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Meet Jenna Hartley


Contemporary romance author, Jenna Hartley writes about strong, independent women and the men who dare to love them. Her characters aren’t perfect; they’re authentic. Her passion is to make their stories feel as real for readers as they do to her, infusing each one with sexy, sweet, and laughable moments that reflect real love.

When she’s not writing, Jenna spends her days chasing after a hilarious and imaginative toddler, as well as hunting down new allergy-friendly recipes for them to cook together. She lives in Texas with her family and loves nothing more than a good book, good chocolate, and Topo Chico.

To learn more about Jenna and her books, visit here
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Posted December 2, 2022 by sultrysirens in Release Blitz, Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments