Come Away With Me by Erika Kelly Cover Reveal

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Title: Come Away With Me
A Calamity Falls Christmas Novella
Author: Erika Kelly
Genre: Small Town Romance
Cover Design: Serendipity Formatting
Release Date: September 17, 2020


Can the handsome
loner win the heart of the single mom? He’s about to find out on their Vegas
road trip.
Single mom Skylar James is absolutely not interested in the broody, inked
artist who works in her brother’s motorcycle repair shop. She’s focused on her
four-year-old son and her thriving business as an image consultant. But when he
asks her to work her magic on his widowed mom, how can she say no? She’s
in—even if it means a road trip with the man who can’t take a hint.When Jinx Costello rolled into Calamity, Wyoming, he met the woman who owned him heart and soul. Unfortunately, he
hasn’t been able to convince her about their destiny. She won’t even go on a
date with him. But when he sees her in action with a client, he puts his own
needs aside to ask for help with his mom.

Away from her family and business, Skylar finally lets down her guard and
realizes why she’s been fighting Jinx so hard: she’s wildly attracted to him.
Which makes it hard to uphold her vow not to date while her son’s little.

Jinx can’t believe the woman of his dreams is finally giving him a chance. But
is she just letting loose on a Vegas road trip?
Because this is it for him. She’s it.

And now he just has to prove it to her.


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you,” Jinx said.
That mouth.
She heard his words, but she read I wonder what you taste like in his
eyes. “You’re welcome. I’m…” This is crazy.
Cut it
out. You’re here for his mom.
He has a
reminder dumped a pot of cold water on her libido. And, yeah, it sucked that
she’d missed her shot with him, but maybe this trip—what she’d done for his
mom—made up for the way she’d treated him.
“I’m happy
to be here.” Her voice came out as dry and scratchy as sandpaper.
When his
tongue came out and licked his bottom lip, she watched it, aware of the tingly
sensations running down her spine and pulsing between her legs. The way her
heart thundered, and desire blossomed across her skin told her she felt
something very different from happy.
She was attracted
to Jinx in a way she’d never felt before.
This is
why I pushed him away
Because it
scared her half to death. Eddie had been her first love, and when he’d
abandoned her, he’d broken more than her heart. He’d shattered her ability to
But Jinx was a man. A once-in-a-lifetime kind of man. She could love him
in that profound, in-sickness-or-in-health kind of way.
Which meant…he could destroy her.
worth the risk.
And right
then she knew it. If things didn’t work out with his girlfriend, if he ever
wanted to give her a second chance, she would absolutely, whole-heartedly take
that risk.
gratitude left his expression, when color rose high in his cheeks, when his
gaze drifted down to her mouth, she knew he’d read every emotion in her heart.
She released his hand. “Sorry.”
“For what?”
girlfriend won’t appreciate me touching you. I know I wouldn’t want to see
another woman’s hands on you.”
He took her
hand back. “We broke up.”
Her body
went hot. The clash of excitement and fear made her sick to her stomach.
“You…what? Why? When?”
night. Right before you came to my room.”
“But why?
She’s so nice and…happy.”
“Yeah, I
know. That’s why I dated her. She came out of nowhere…pulled me out of my cave,
but I never caught feelings, you know?”
This weird,
weightless feeling came over her. She wasn’t on the couch anymore. She was
hovering, hope beating a painful drumbeat in her heart. Thoughts floated, but
she refused to pull them in, to let them settle long enough to read them. Is
this happening?
Could he be
coming back to her? She reached for the armrest to keep her grounded.
“And I
guess being around you really drove that home.”
hit like a punch to the chest, knocking her back. Tears burned, and she
couldn’t explain it. It made no sense. “You…have feelings for me?”
“I think
you know I always have. It’s cool. I know you’re not into me. But it’s there
for me, and I can’t pretend it’s not. So, I ended it. It’s not fair to be
thinking of one woman when you’re with someone else.”
She could
barely speak past the emotions hurtling through her. “She must be devastated.”
Her voice sounded scraped raw. A hot tear spilled onto her cheek.
He reared
back. “Oh, Jesus. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
She shook
her head. “You didn’t. I’m just…” An army of fire ants marched through her
body. She was stinging, burning…and… “I’m scared.”
“Of me?” He
looked appalled.
“No, no.”
She swiped the tear away. “Of this. Us.”
He leaned
in close. “Why? Why does it scare you?”
“God, Jinx.
Because it’s big, this thing. We’re…we’re everything.”
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Author Bio
author Erika Kelly writes sexy and emotional small town romance. Married to the
love of her life and raising four children, she lives in the southwest, drinks
a lot of tea, and is always waiting for her cats to get off her keyboard.
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