Review: Work Me Up by Sasha Burke

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Review: Work Me Up by Sasha BurkeWork Me Up by Sasha Burke
Published by Self on 10/21/2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Nicole is without a doubt the oddest creature I’ve ever met.

As far as counselors go, she seems pretty damn good, even though her methods are way the hell out there. And I actually like that she uses my gym for her afterschool sessions. That is, until she starts sticking her nosy—albeit gorgeous—butt into my business. It’s bad enough the sexy little smarty has wormed her way into my head. There’s no frickin’ way I’m letting her psychoanalyze the rough patch my kid’s going through. I don’t care how much the woman knows about this stuff; my daughter is my life. We’ve been doing just great on our own, no outsiders needed.

The only problem? The persistent menace apparently has a set of keys to get in…

Logan is without a doubt the most fascinating man I’ve ever met.

As far as billionaires go, he’s far from typical. Practically allergic to the indoors and stubborn to the extreme, but an absolute teddy bear—of the gruff, burly, mountain-climbing variety—when it comes to his daughter. And for some reason, I seem to rub him the wrong way. Unsurprising, since I’ve never really been good at rubbing men the right way…pun entirely intended. What I am good at though, is working with kids. The man needs my help, even though he doesn’t think so. He may be the most loving father I’ve ever encountered, but this here is my domain.

The only problem? My clothes seem to keep falling off whenever we’re alone together…

NOTE: This is a quick, steamy romance with lots of chemistry and very little drama for the on-the-go reader looking for some frisky, feel-good fun. Contents include: a big, rugged single dad being driven crazy by a quirky, head-shrinking heroine, copious hot, dirty, descriptive sex, and a swoony instalove plot complete with a sweet HEA. No cheating, no cliffhanger.

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Work Me Up by Sasha Burke is a fun, quick and sexy read about a stubborn and very handsome single dad and a feisty and strong-willed therapist!

Logan lost his wife when their daughter was born. From that day forward he was determined to be the best dad possible and put her first. She was the only female he needed in his life. So for the past nine years he has only allowed himself one-night stands. This suited him fine, until the very feisty and determined therapist who uses his gym for her therapy sessions worms her way into his life.

Nicole has been using Logan’s gym for the last five years as part of her method to helping kids and young adults. When she finds out Hannah, Logan’s daughter, needs her help, she butts her way in until he agrees to let her spend some time with her. What she did not expect was the way Logan worms his way into her life as well.

I loved Logan and Nicole. I loved their banter and chemistry. They have history and though they have danced around each other for years; things are finally coming to a head! Hannah needs Nicole’s help and the more time she spends with Logan and Nicole, the more things seems to just fit. But can a woman who has never known love realize what is in front of her and can a man who has denied himself for so long finally be open for more?

Work Me Up was a quick and steamy romance with lots of chemistry; it was also a sweet story. You can read this in one sitting and be left feeling happy and content. Logan and Nicole have lots of chemistry and you can see it build throughout the story. I loved Hannah and Logan’s parents as well. A great story with a great cast of characters.



About Sasha Burke

Sasha Burke has been reading romances ever since she discovered her local library would let her borrow whatever kind of books she wanted…probably far younger than she should’ve started.

Possessive and protective alpha heroes have long been Sasha’s biggest weakness. Reading and writing about them, especially when there’s a feisty heroine involved, has resulted in her staying up many a night over the years.

You’ll usually find Sasha out and about spoiling her many dogs, or trying to perfect the world’s greatest mac & cheese recipe (and tirelessly taste-testing practice runs in that pursuit), or hosting outdoor fajita nights for her friends as often as she can.

Posted October 27, 2017 by sultrysirens in Reviews by Liz / 0 Comments


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